Taman Mount Austin White Flag Community Fund

Kiwanis Club of Taman Mount Austin

NO 35 Jalan Mutiara Emas 3/10 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru. Johor

Vicky Teo 012-5399468 / vickyteo2776@gamail.com


The pandemic effect of Covid 19 had put Johor state fall into record high unemployment rate more than 25%. The closure of land border within Singapore and Johor Bahru for more than 1 year cause more than 250,000 Malaysian who lost their job.

And Johor state which was highly relied on weekend travellers from Singapore seriously impacted in retailing business and as well as tourism related industry such as all famous hotels and resorts were winding up due to the lost of weekend travellers from Singapore. As such, beside than B40 group who had lost their jobs, huge chunk of M40 also lost their job and fall into financial difficulty. These M40 group may previously came from hotels manager, restaurant supervisor, travel bus driver and etc.

Aligning with #White Flag awareness program viral over social media, Kiwanis Club Taman Mount Austin had responded and reacted to joint in the project to serve those who need food pack help in immediate respond. We kicked start our project since 2/7/2021. And as at today, the number of request for assistant has increasing daily. Kiwanis Club Mount Austin had decided to make the food assistant as our Signature Long Term Project to deliver food for the needy families.

We seek those personal or corporate who willing to extend their assistant to white flag community can give your heartiest donation here. Any corporate CSR team can contact Kiwanis Club Mount Austin via our Facebook messenger to work on the joint branding CSR projects.


We are working together with our associate partner Persatuan Kebajikan Pelangi Ulu Tiram. [PKPUT]

PKPUT is one of the charity organisation serve single mother, aboriginal (orang asli) located at Kampung Pasir Salam, Johor, refugees and migrants. These group of people mostly are live in poverty line no matter with or without pandemic of Covid 19.

With the current tough crisis, these group of people need more help to access to the proper help channel to get food on mouth. PKPUT is organise by Pastor Chua and his volunteer team to sent food to those without transport access to city, without access to any technology devices and get know all the help channel from social media.

Kiwanis Club Mount Austin is work together with Pastor Chua team, and we strive to support PKPUT on white flag project to his community.


To make a donation, please choose an amount below. When prompted, do share with us your email and phone number.


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