Klang Flood Relief Community Fund

Kiwanis Club of Klang

28 Jalan Kampar
41300 Klang, Selangor

Olivia Chin +60173671313 / oliviavivianchin@hotmail.com
Rodney Rash Leo +60122367459 / rodneyrleo@gmail.com

RM 31,100 pledged as of 14 January 2022

Our community has been devastated by the worst flooding in 50 years – please give generously to the KLANG FLOOD RELIEF COMMUNITY FUND


The Kiwanis Club of Klang in conjunction with Kiwanis Malaysia is launching the KLANG FLOOD RELIEF COMMUNITY FUND in our Klang District in order to rush aid to the citizens of Klang whose homes and belongings have been destroyed by the worst flooding in living memory.

Rains started on Friday the 17th December 2021 afternoon and did not stop till Sunday morning the 19th . More rain is forecasted.

The Klang flood gates were shut due to the high tides being experienced annually at these times and so the flood waters had nowhere to go . Homes in low lying areas or near rivers were quickly overrun by the flood waters which reached up to 5 ft and beyond in peoples homes, The speed of the flooding caught many by surprise as many were returning to their homes from work and got caught in the most massive of traffic jams we have ever witnessed. Many did not know if they had a home to come back to, or a chance to rescue their valuable items. The destruction was of an immense scale.

Just when we were recovering from the effects of a recession due to the covid-19 lockdowns , had successfully completed our vaccination and saw life slowly returning to normal this disaster was unprecedented. There will be no Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year for many families this year.

We have created a payment portal specifically for this purpose and we are building on our experiences from our previous project the KIWANIS WHITE FLAG COMMUNITY FUND earlier this last year where we raised RM 150,000 for our community. This time the situation is just as bad and we need your help..

How are the funds distributed?

We will convert most of the funds into Speedmart 99 coupons for families to exchange them for goods they require. Each family will receive RM 100 to RM 200 in vouchers per family based on the size.

The balances will be distributed in the from of direct grants to affected families.

How do we distribute the coupons?

We will undertake to do some of it ourselves, ask other NGO’s and our Adun’s to assist in distribution We will also undertake physical distribution of food parcels to families who have difficulty travelling in these times.


To make a donation, please choose an amount below. When prompted, do share with us your email and phone number.


15 January 2022

15 school bags given to Klang Utama homes with rm500 from well wisher.

10 January 2022

The Kiwanis flood relief fund purchased a freezer for the home from donations received. Their only freezer they had was swept away by the flood and lost.


We have started distributing mattresses and pillows to families.

We gave the Utama Home for Children a Christmas treat today. Pizza, Milo, ice cream, bags of sweets and presents for all. The team was led by President Rodney Leo together with Dato Stewart Chris Foo, Kumar and Dolly Ng. The club will be presenting them with a new freezer to replace the old one that was damaged in the flood. The centre had to be evacuated as flood water rose to 4 ft destroying everything


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